Distribution Services

SDS (Same Day Service)

Document and package send by today before 10 am will be received in the same day to destination.


IJX-Logistics, serves delivery to all country to assist your business activities.

ONS, Regular Service

Document and package send by today will be received according to different area of destination.

Courier Service
We readey to deliver inside your city (City Courier) and if you need dedicated courier, our team is ready for it.

Warehouse Services

We provide ease of management and value-added warehousing, that allows you to get information on the availability of goods, placement of goods, calculation of stock and reduce the lead time of the activity and delivery of goods storage.

More intriguing information

Our warehouse suitable for bussiness in CRM distribution, imports, exports, wholesalers and transport bussiness, because can provide for:

  • Neatly and well organized goods in warehouse
  • Express distribution
  • Kitting your products
  • Packing or/and re-packing
  • Insurance Guarantee

    IJX-Logistics, cover all delivery with general insurance, therefore customers does not really concern if there any problems when the document and package sent.

    One Stop Service Solution
    from IJX-Logistics

    • Supported by 158 Branch in Indonesia
    • We also ready for Cargo services, Logistics Services, Project and Moving Services
    • Our system supported for Tracing and Tracking, Cash and Credit Payment, And Claim

    IJX-Logistics Head Office

    PT. Indah Jaya Express

    Jl. Raya Bekasi Timur Km. 18 No. 99
    Pulogadung, Jakarta-Timur
    Ph.: +6221-47881761/63
    Fax: +6221-47881764